Ideas’ Farm

Republic Group office ideas competition

We added two inspiring elements to the long, simple and white office space: a 1,5 m thick multifunctional wall covered with artifical grass and the cube of the brainstorming room. These elements give proportion to the 150 sqm space creating workspaces of different types and sizes according to the different needs. There are different sized lockable workstations, rooms, chillout spaces, phone boots, storage spaces, drawers and bookshelves in the green wall as well as passageways to the other rooms. The cuts in the furniture are covered with soft and comfortable textile.
The brainstorming room – just like the reception and the meeting room – is an OSB covered individual object with natural light and enough room for 6-8 people. Its walls showcase notes, the posters of finished projects or a work in progress.

Interior design concept: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / Nanavízió / 2010
Client: Republic Group
Location: Budapest
Size: 250 m2