Family house on Madárhegy

We designed this two story family house in a densily built area of the 11th district with a very versatile aesthetic appearance. The small, slightly sloping lot gave a lot of limitations concerning the location of the building, the building height and the floor area, so we had to find a creative solution to give the house a one of a kind character. The shape of the building is based on the archetype of a house, but the axis of the arris quits the parallel order of the walls, therefore creating a new and exciting coordinate system. As the slope of the roof is perpendicular to the arris, the eaves draw a strongly skew line on the facades, and the gables become asymmetrical. All the other elements of the facade follow the original horizontal and vertical system, so this small „twist” makes a well-directed architectural gesture.

There are two different plaster finishes on the building which mark the division between the ground and the first floor. The hidden gutters and the light colored sheet metal roof cover both add to the monolithic appearance of the house. The layout is simple and functional. The more public and social spaces are on the ground floor, while the private spaces such as bedrooms are on the first. The service areas are mostly on the Northern and Western side of the building – these facades are much more closed and solid hence the lack of windows and big openings. The living spaces are opening up to the garden views with story-height windows. On the East side a pergola is attached to the house to provide shade for the open terrace. It turns over to the North side as an overhang that offers protection for the entrance from the forces of nature.

Design: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / Nanavízió / 2018
Team: Norbert Juhász
Location: Budapest, Madárhegy