Shaping public places for happy faces

Shaping public places for happy faces




public | urban

Our concepts are based on extensive research, an uncovering of location potentials, urban fabric, forms and textures, transportation options. We seek a complete understanding of the given situation, a revelation of its core essence – this is our method of bringing those solutions to the surface which are able to offer long-term results even for the most complex or most specific challenges.

Urban planning in Tata

Szigetszentmiklós P+R

Big Market Hall: cultivator, innovator, recreator

public | community

Central to our projects’ economic and social system of criteria stands the community, its needs and custom dynamics. Our design process kicks off with a detailed and thorough research: we map community goals and spatial potentials. When transforming built environments our architectural concept harmonises the old with the contemporary, in this way valuable physical components play their part in the renewed spaces.

Szeglet community space

Where geometry merges with economics

Nursery: clash of the splotch and the square

Renewal of Merlin Theater

public | hospitality

An accommodation that calls from afar, a reception that gives a warm welcome, hospitality that is true to itself by combining both and even more. Key messages of the host, comfort of the guests and entertainment options of the accommodation is what we build on.

Forest cabins and sauna house

Badacsony guest house

Renewal of Malomkert Bagolyvár