2K Project You creative space @ ELTE

Pop-up store and community space

An inspiring urban space bursting with creative energy that stands as a visual landmark on the ELTE Campus Budapest for six weeks, as the location of Vodafone's 2016 autumn Project You campaign.

The dynamic structure is formed by two 20 feet shipping containers, rotated and stacked on top of each other. We cut up the bottom container into triangles so we could open it up in every direction: exciting, playful geometric shapes were born. The furnitures are designed specifically for this installation to fit perfectly into this twitchy, pointy world full of triangles, and the street art on the outside became an important part of the campaign’s visual identity. The very center of the transparent, permeable interior is a unique, geometric chandelier, Tryglav by Design Habit. It accentuates the rhombus shaped double height red space created by the two overlapping containers.

The installation can take many shapes and forms according to the changes of the day, …


Design: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2016
Client: Vodafone Hungary
Location: Budapest, ELTE Lágymányosi Campus
Size: 20 m2
Furniture: Nanavízió
Lamp: Design Habit
Street art graphics and concept: Bold Ideas, street art: Koen, Ezum, Creape
Construction: Torter
Photo: Bálint Jaksa
Press: Fragmented containers: pop-up community space / Építészfórum &
Pop-up community space / Metszet Magazine
Exhibition and nomination: Piranesi Award, Slovenia, 2017