Low key luxury in a historic house

sA successful collaboration with an interior designer customer

Real and honest luxury is never about showing off. The elegance of this downtown apartment lies in the well thought out details, the high quality materials and the unquestionable, classy style. Our customer, Judit Toth is an interior designer living and working in Switzerland. She comissioned our studio to turn his concept into detailed layout and construction plans, and to lead the construction. Judit was an active part of the design and construction process, from the first layout plans to the last tiny details. The success of the project is a result of this fruitful collaboration.

The interior is dominated by white and earthy colors, while the black accessories create contrast with the light color scheme. The custom made crown molding and plaster wall decoration along with the custom wooden built in furniture create a classy atmosphere and is in perfect harmony with the minimalistic furnishing. Thanks to the well thought…


Interior design concept: Judit Tóth
Interior design and construction: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2018
Team: Bálint Somogyi, Katalin Tomaschek
Location: Budapest, 5th district
Size: 82 m2
Photo: Juhász Norbert
Press: Otthon Magazine cover