Polygon blogbar @ Central European Fashion Week

Multifunctional object

The blogbar is the lounge section in the Fashion Week event hall, where guests can sit down and watch the ongoing show on the projector, charge their gadgets or write blog posts. We created a large, bold object that draws attention to itself in a loud and crowded space. It’s strict edges and sharp angles refer to the worship of form, and the sometimes uncomfortable, overcomposed outfits created by fashion. The other important ingredient is the sense of movement and temporality: it creates a vivid, dynamic object in the large space.

Design and construction: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2015
Client: Vodafone Hungary
Location: Budapest, Várkert Bazár
Size: 30 m2
Photo: Eszter Walton
Press: Blogbar from Nanavízió / Octogon Magazine
Award: Arany Penge, 2015