Sunny home on the hill

Generous hundred-year-old spaces - with hand-picked contemporary ingredients

The redesign of the extremely sunny, spacious apartment overlooking an inner garden was a pleasure from the start: we received a firm brief from the owner couple, but were free to develop the concept. The owners wanted to see a few, but well-chosen elements that would provide a good background for the treasures they brought home from their travels. The pastel-colored hexagon flooring has become the characteristic base element that runs through the half of the floor space. The pattern is a bit different everywhere: the most exciting is probably the kitchen, which we developed for weeks from many variations, carefully finding the location of each floor tile. The shape of the hexagon comes from the floorplan of the apartment: the walls not only meet at right angles, but there is an angle break in the apartment that fits exactly to the hexagon. We added a few pieces of furniture – and the beautiful objects have q…


Interior design and construction: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2015
Team: György Varga
Location: Budapest, 12th district
Size: 105 m2
Photo: Norbert Juhász