White Star Real Estate, Budapest head office

Impressive dynamism

The head of the well-known real estate development company envisioned the Budapest center as a modest yet characteristic meeting point, worthy of the scale and prestige of its investments. Premium materials and dark tones represent classic elegance, to which bold colour variations, unusual material combinations, and unique furniture elements add contemporary impulse. Soft textiles and plenty of wooden surfaces in the reception area and the hightraffic meeting rooms provide comfort and a sense of luxury, and the gentle shapes of the two phone booths reinforce this. In the multifunctional meeting room, which can be divided into two with a mobile wall, the parquet runs up to the wall taking on a 45-degree angle, and the individually mixed 45-degree triangles of the carpet follow suit in several rooms – they occupy the plane of the wall. The workstations and the community area are well-separated from the stylish lobby and meeting rooms. The two longitudinal glass walls…


Interior design concept and construction plans: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2019
Team: Beatrix Guld
Client: White Star Real Estate
Location: MOMentum Office Building, Budapest
Size: 450 m2
Norbert Juhász
Press: White Star Real Estate, Budapest head office / Office of the year competition