public building


Ideas competition for new identity of an old transformer station

#industrialheritage #movement #checked #skyblue #silhouette

The aim of our concept was to improve the aesthetic appearance of the ELMŰ sub-station building located on the premises of the BudaPart project, but only to the extent where its industrial character is still recognizable. We created an interactive, visually engaging second skin that follows the shape of the industrial building. Accentuating its exciting form and hiding the less interesting details it creates a very lively aesthetic experience. The solid black plastered surface is loosened up by a mirror installation made of deltoid shaped, movable pieces, creating an ever thickening-thinning texture. Pieces of the sky are reflected in the small mirrors which gives some airiness to the solid structure and imitates the movement of the waves of the nearby Duna river. As someone walks by, it feels as if the building was moving along with them, it shows a different face from each angle, the facade resonates with its environment, the people, the time of day, the weather and the occasion. We see an exciting surface that grabs our attention, but the mirror effect steers our gaze away from the internal content of the building. This is a type of camouflage that uses distraction instead of blending in.

Architectural competition: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / Nanavízió / 2018
Location: Budapest, 11th district
Size: 1500 m2