Architectural works

We look for the best answer to any question,
our buildings show that we love what we do

Interior design projects

We create lovable spaces
and build them with our professionals

Office projects

We design professional, inspiring office spaces
with great experience

Temporary installations

Unique pop-up creations for events:
special design, rational concept


We look for the best answer to any question, our buildings show that we love what we do

Embracing the view

Juta office building

Renewal of a neoclassical summer house

Szeglet community space

Clash of the splotch and the square

Forest cabins and sauna house

House with a porch in Máriamakk



No.1 house

House in black and white

+ house


Monochrome house


We create lovable spaces and build them with our professionals

House on Sashegy Hill

High contrast

Low key luxury in a historic house

Duplex apartment in downtown Budapest

Home for an active social life

Forms in Újbuda

Renewal of an apartment in Józsefváros

Károlyi Garden attic

Bachelor pad in downtown

Studio in Víziváros

Sunny home on the hill

Studio in Újlipótváros

Black and white

Panoramic views on Pozsonyi street


We design professional, inspiring office spaces with great experience

Forestay Group headquarters

Office of international publishing company

Space plans

Ideas’ Farm

Edenred office

Mozinet headquarters


Unique pop-up creations for events: special design, rational concept






Nanavízió is a Budapest based design and construction firm that was founded in 2010, today consisting of 10 team members. Artistic conceptualization and precise engineering bear equal importance in their work methods. In their portfolio you can find family homes, apartment renovations, professional office spaces as well as bold, eye-catching public installations and artistic yet functional furniture and accessories.

The founders, Nóra Pajer and Noémi Soltész met during their studies in Denmark. Their acquaintance quickly turned into a friendship and then into a professional partnership. Before founding Nanavízió, Nóra worked at a construction company for several years, and Noémi worked for an architectural design firm in Budapest. They both gained valuable experience during these years, and perfectionism became their habit. They soon realized that their diverse professional background is a useful asset in their architectural and interior design projects.

It’s not very common for a design firm to take part in the construction of their designs. Nanavízió is here to fill that market niche: their multi-talented team creates high quality exciting, modern spaces. Thanks to their selected team of solution-oriented professionals they are able to explore new directions and try new methods in interior design.That results in a colorful, unique portfolio where you can find their easily recognizable trademarks as well as their highly customized designs.Their trademarks make it easy to spot whenever Nanavízió had something to do with the design of a certain space or object.


  • Nóra Csobolya


  • Katalin Gencsi


  • Beatrix Guld

    project architect

  • Dalma Faddi


  • Judit Somhegyi

    office manager

  • Bálint Somogyi


  • Karolina Szin

    operative leader

  • Barbara Talabér-Erőss


  • Katalin Tomaschek


Press / off: Octogon Magazine / Forbes / Chamber of Hungarian Architects’ Yearbook / Metszet Magazine / Octogon Magazine cover / Octogon Deco / Otthon Magazine cover
Press / on: Four Prisms, Zigzag and Tetris - Nanavízió’s winning proposal for an office building / 9° – Nanavízió’s house on Madárhegy / Community (color) dynamics. Szeglet community space by Nanavízió / Clash of the splotch and the square – Nanavízió’s entry to the nursery ideas competition / Forestay has set up its representative office in Bank Center / How to get the most out of a Budapest attic / Where geometry and economy meets / House in the crown / Minimalism in Budaliget / Fruit forest in the bedroom / Snowplough – pavilion system at Normafa / Scandinavia meets the Hungarian 70s / Studio in Viziváros / Fragmented container: 2K pop-up store / Mozinet headquarters
Awards, nominations: Big See Interior Design Award, Slovenia, 2019 / Piranesi Award nomination, Slovenia, 2017 / Media’s Architectural Prize nomination, 2015, 2016 / Mies van der Rohe Award nomination, 2016 / Arany Penge award, 2015 /
Architectural competitions: Office building invited competition: Four Prisms, Zigzag and Tetris - winning proposal, 2020 / Nursery ideas competition: Clash of the splotch and the square – honorable mention, 2020 / Competition for a pavilion system at Normafa: Snowplough – honorable mention, 2016 / Kecskemét Downtown ideas competition: Black pebbles – honorable mention, 2009
Exhibitions: FRONT - Architects next door, B32 Galéria és Kultúrtér, 2020 / Young Architects’ Generation, Association of Hungarian Architects, 2019 / Architectural Model Festival, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, 2019 / Piranesi Award, Piran, Slovenia, 2017 / Visegrad Four Family Houses travelling exhibition, 2016 / No one belongs here more than you – Table Society, Kunsthalle Budapest, 2011
Lectures: Fuga 10 Maholnap / Corvinus University of Budapest / Architect Invasion, Sopron / For Example. New Polish House exhibition and lecture in Fuga / Pecha Kucha 45 / Pecha Kucha 50
Civil work: KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre / Budapesti Architecture Film Days

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