public building

Renewal of a neoclassical summer house

Honeymoon hideaway in the woods

On the woodsy bank of a creek in the Malomkert in Szob stood a quaintly derelict little neoclassical building with a romantic tower. The owner imagined an extraordinary renovation that preserves the architectural value of the neo-classicist building, but satisfies the demands of our modern times. The ruined side wing of the building was transformed: its new, shingled wood facade and distorted roof ridge lends a modern air to the nostalgic look of the tower.

The building consists of three holiday apartments and a honeymoon suite. It used to serve as a house library which is represented in the new interiors by a large bookcase in every room. The ground floor spaces have large openings that double as reading nooks on the inside. They are quite relaxing with the built-in reading light, the comfortable pillows and nature as background. The honeymoon suite is on the top floor of the tower with a spiral staircase leading up to it. Its windows are overlooking the surrounding woods and there is a secret rooftop terrace attached. The natural wood surfaces are dominant in the interior just as well as the exterior. Romantic wallpaper and strategically placed mirrors create an otherwordly atmosphere: whoever stays here can escape from the real world to a real-life fairytale.

Design: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / Nanavízió / 2020
Team: Cecília Abigél Bartos, Katalin Gencsi, Beatrix Guld
Location: Szob, Malomkert
Size: 260 m2