Secret panorama – apartment house on Rózsadomb

The winning entry of Nanavízió for an invited architectural competition

The dimensions of the condomimium were mainly determined by the hillside's sloping terrain, the pre-existing street-level garage heritage typical for the area and the exceptional panorama. Beginning with the lower part of the building its dark grey brick-covered, closed geometry connects with its built environment as a decisive gesture, while the strict opening order of the balconies differentiating themselves from the rest makes an exciting impression. The upper part, a two-story penthouse aparment conveys a house-on-house concept through its white colour and free shape, merging with the sky, optically. Also the interior design of the latter is noted by team Nanavízió, thus the luxurious quality is reflected in its exceptional, unique details, use of quality materials and progressive space design.

Design concept, building permit, construction plan and interior design: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2022
Team: Bernadett Csendes, Nóra Csobolya, Katalin Gencsi, Dalma Faddi, Fanni Farkas, Barbara Talabér-Erőss
Location: Budapest, 2th district
Size: 1200 m2
Photo: Áron Ruszthy
Press: Exclusive apartments on Rózsadomb