Designed to live, living to design

Designed to live, living to design

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residential | apartment buildings

Multi-apartment properties are built to serve a variety of needs, such as the business goals of the investor, expectations of future clients and requirements of regulatory systems of the authorities. All of the above are harmonised through its location-based potentials and positioning criterias to arrive at a distinctive and easily identifiable contemporary residential building or complex of buildings.

Secret panorama – apartment house on Rózsadomb

Hanging gardens housing complex in Kelenföld

residential | family homes

The key elements of the design process of a family house revolve around the elements of trust and creating a balanced intimate atmosphere. Spaces are called to answer the very essential as the littlest needs of our clients. Dreams turn into a concept, plans develop into a project and arrives at the completed home. The final result is not only a building with a unique character but also a home filled with contemporary thoughts.

Máriamakk minimal

No.1 house

9-degree angle

Zsuzsi’s house in Révfülöp

House of the film director

residential | summer residences

Integrating functions that serve recreation are top priority when designing summer residences. A gentle match to the landscape, the house also embodies characteristics of a peaceful retreat, a warm family sanctuary or a sparkling social life depending on its proportions. One might just want to leave for a short rest, others might be thinking about establishing a whole new way of life – whichever is chosen, we design with full devotion.

Balatonszemes vacation

Wine press house in Pécsely

Basalt house in Badacsony