Zsuzsi’s house in Révfülöp

Red sandstone and white sail

The lower level of Zsuzsi's house in Révfülöp has been designed with the typical red sandstone cladding of the northern coast of Lake Balaton. The foundation of the building is given through the heavy, natural stone, while the contemporary touch is owned solely by the upper level. The traditional archetypal cottage form with a gable wall, visible from the street and the contemporary character reminiscent of a snow-white sail, complemented by black elements, come into an inseparable unity with a subtle acute angle. Upon entering the house, the custom made wrought iron room divider – reminiscent of folk art rebar fence designs of the region – offers a quick view into the living room and further into the garden. The house is a split-level home, in accordance with the given characteristics of the terrain. It resulted in a greater ceiling height for the living room and kitchen, which is connected to the garden with huge glass surfaces and a covered terrace. The…


Design concept, building permit and interior design: Nóra Pajer, Noémi Soltész / 2021
Team: Nóra Csobolya, Dalma Faddi, Barbara Talabér-Erőss
Location: Révfülöp
Size: 200 m2